Bristol is justifiably proud of its strong independent and often unorthodox culture, from Banksy and the Bristol Pound to Stokes Croft and the Tesco Riots. Our city is full of innovation, entrepreneurship and enterprise, and has one of the most vibrant, creative cultures in the UK.  It is no surprise therefore that an exciting range of co-working spaces has emerged as home to many of the entrepreneurs endeavouring to make a living through change.

So why set up an Impact Hub?

Increasingly, as we witness our public institutions struggling to support us as a society, we can either stand back and blame others, or we can adapt and drive change together. In other words to ‘co-create’ solutions to the complex social and environmental challenges of our time.  Perhaps it is time for a new logic, a new way to get things done: People powered, local, inclusive, creative, collaborative and networked.



Impact Hub Bristol will look to collaborate alongside those communities to provide and grow an inclusive diverse support network – creating the conditions conducive to positive social change. Our aim is to provide part of this network – both physical and digital – firmly driven by the theme of ‘collective impact’. We wish to inspire, empower, empathise and encourage, working with existing networks to build momentum that is unavoidable.  

At a local level, our role will be to offer co-working space, enterprise programmes, meeting facilities, events, self development and mutual support. Uniquely, the Impact Hub Global network adds international connections, actively creating collaborative innovation and cross-border learning partnerships. It can also help unlock the significant financial investment necessary to create change on a broader scale, so that members’ collective impact might grow to scale.

The Impact Hub Bristol network will invite and inspire people to actively take part in the change they want to see in the world, starting in their own city region. We are about turning ideas into collective action and viable enterprise, creating long lasting sustainable solutions for everyone.

If you would like to know more about Impact Hubs, please go to or if you would like to get in touch with the Bristol Candidate team, you can e-mail




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